About Us

About Us

BELIEVERS BUSINESS SCHOOL (BBS), is an academy of excellence, and a MARKETPLACE SEMINARY borne out of strong passion, desire and commitment with a mandate to set believers free from ignorance. Knowing fully well that, the most dangerous bondage any believer can find himself/herself is the bondage of ignorance. Ignorance of who they are, what they have, what they can do, what to do and host of others.

We are commissioned for this purpose, to equipping believers with necessary skills and relevant knowledge, and acquainting them with up-to-date information that will make them better persons, relevant and reliable in the marketplace.

It’s scripturally proven that business is a calling, and those who venture into it should do so with a sense of calling.

Our studies of courses at BBS (Believers Business School) are designed for believers who desire to build the kingdom of God by building a successful business.

We believe that, today’s believer business owners are the missionaries of the end-time.

At Believers Business School (BBS), we help set businesses free with sense, skills, specialized (practical/theoretical), and spiritual knowledge with the demonstration of God’s Power.

Our Courses
Find below, our course outline. We equip believers for profitability
* Self-Identification
* Attitude Management
* Etiquette and Temperament
* Personal Effectiveness
* Basic Proficiency
* Presentation Skills
* Power of Internet
* Marketing
* Value Increment
* Success Principles
* Leadership Development
* Business Development
* Wealth Creation Strategies
* Knowledge Acquisition
* Effective Skill Enhancement



The process of acquiring insight into one’s own character. It is a fundamental component of personal growth. It is the act of gaining knowledge or understanding of one’s abilities, character and feelings.


This is a level of competency that incorporates a mastery of the element of emotional intelligence, adaptability, communication and collaboration. Those who have it have learned HOW TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE FROM THE INSIDE OUT.



Through effective skill enhancement, individuals become more capable, competent, and confident in themselves and their performance, and are better able to reach the goals they set for themselves. It is a most that a person should continuously look for ways to acquire and develop his/her skills (abilities) that are necessary at the workforce.


The act of converting IDEAS into profit making ventures, which has a lot to do with the passion to commercialize creativity, innovation and invention. This is the key to wealth creation, job security/creation and poverty alleviation.

All businesses begin with an idea, but moving from a concept to a full-fledged, thriving enterprise requires time, commitment and resources.


We offer Online and Offline (Group and One on One) Coaching.



Every high calling demands a high training.

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